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Every year I breed a thousand seedlings at my 1/5 acre. This small breeding program is carefully envisioned generations in advance, and focused on just a few goals.

Near-White Rebloomers


Ever since I first saw the "Re" in a daylily description, I wanted rebloom in my garden. But even Stella De Oro balked at reblooming in my garden. It took 4 generations, thousands of seedlings, and 10 years, but I've succeeded. Improvements and diverse, clear colors are also on the way. Recent introductions from this line include White And Nerdy, Vanilla Stella and Snowy Stella.

Tall And Small Whites

Paean For Jocelyn

I want that graceful, airy look to the tall scapes, clean white trumpets (or "butterfly" open flowers), and perhaps black scapes to contrast with the white flowers. I've now got 2nd and third generation seedlings, including a cream with dark scapes, very clear white trumpets, and white trumpets on 50 inch scapes. Recent introductions from these lines include Ice Trumpets, Paean For Jocelyn, Yearn To Be Clouds and Clarity Of Purpose.

Tall And Small Sunfast Reds

Arterial Blood

Once again, I want graceful, airy scapes with branching and budcount galore. I've succeeded in getting some especially good sunfastness. Special features might include some rhyzomatiousness like fulva and extensive bud building. These lines are named with a "blood" theme. Recent introductions include Arterial Blood, Venous Blood, Fountain Of Blood, Indelible Blood and O Positive. Stuff here! </noinclude>

Extra Earlies In All Colors


So far, I have introduced Begin With A Bang, a light red whith large flowers that blooms extra early and has sometimes rebloomed here. 2014 near-white extra earlies are Chill and Ain't Yeller.

Dark Scapes In All Colors

From Darkness Comes Light

Imagine if dark scapes contrasted with other vivid colors than yellow: brilliant golds, creams, melons, whites, and pinks. The first introductions from these lines are From Darkness Comes Light, Army of Darkness, and Darkness Must Go. Good seedlings include Halloween Darkness, MH0966X and Darkness Rising.

Exploring Exciting Possibilities


An experimental cross resulted in Vanilla Gorilla, a huge cascade UFO. In the course of trying to produce hanging flowers, I got Helicopter, which is a little melon spatulate UFO. Imagine Nutmeg Elf in melon instead of yellow. I'm working on mini spiders, tall and small very lates, green on white, purple bracts and a variety of other oddball side projects.

I'm available for speaking, and have presented often to a number of clubs in the north. I often speak on subjects besides my own breeding, such as the legacy of past northern breeders, the design of a breeding program, the most reliable perennials in my region, extending the blooming season, etc.

Contact me at:

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