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Mike Huben's northern-bred daylilies for real garden needs. Rebloom, diverse heights, graceful scapes, clear colors, ornamental foliage, and new combinations.

Welcome to Diploids Resurgent!

I'm Mike Huben, gardener, botanist, hybridizer, and all-around plant fanatic. (That's Magnolia ashei, a big leaf magnolia behind me.)

MH0966X MH1190E MH0930G

I've named my site "Diploids Resurgent" because I'd like to encourage others to appreciate the diploids too, rather than simply follow the tetraploid fashions. There's a world of daylilies out there besides southern-bred eyed and edged tets, and the most diverse are the diploids. Oh, I've got southern-bred tets in my garden: some are fantastic, and I wouldn't put them down. But here in the north (Arlington, MA -- near Boston) we have different needs that the southerners can't or don't breed for.

Every year I breed a thousand seedlings at my 1/5 acre. This small breeding program is carefully envisioned generations in advance, and focused on just a few goals.

MH1105B MH0705R MH1103.24

I'm available for speaking, and have presented often to a number of clubs in the north. I often speak on subjects besides my own breeding, such as the legacy of past northern breeders, the design of a breeding program, the most reliable perennials in my region, extending the blooming season, etc.

Click on the tabs underneath the Diploids Resurgent banner to see what I'm doing.

Contact me at: mike@huben.us

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