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* [http://en.b-ok.org ZLibrary]: free downloads of innumerable books, not just entomology.  Ignores copyright.
* [https://sci-hub.se SciHub]: free downloads of innumerable articles, not just entomology.  Ignores copyright.  If it has moved, see: [https://whereisscihub.now.sh Where Is SciHub Now?]
* [http://www.pemberleybooks.com Pemberley Books]: source of many important entomological books.
* [http://www.pemberleybooks.com Pemberley Books]: source of many important entomological books.

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I am gathering information on where to get supplies of various sorts for entomological and acarological collections and research.

  • Giovanni Onore in Quito. Drawers (19.25x14") locally made and economical. Pins, nets, wisdom and some other supplies.
  • Bioquip: the fastest, easiest place to find your materials. May be slow to deliver unless you call customer service.
    • M. C. Mieth point punch, model 448 (small triangles) works much better than the Asian ones.
  • Ento Sphinx, Czechoslovakia: traps, nets, pins, cabinets, unit trays, drawers, etc.
  • Jean Paquet: nets, pins, cabinets, drawers, etc.
  • Rose Entomology: nets, aspirators, Pinned Specimen Manipulator, sorting trays.
Cabinets, Drawers, Unit Trays
  • HH Elements, Inc. Unit trays and Cornell Drawers. Much cheaper than Bioquip.
  • Majkowski Woodworking Company, Poland: Piotr Nasrecki recommends highly for economical prices for large quantities even with shipping.
  • Earlville Paper Box Co Inc (Cornell buys trays without foam in quantity from them)
  • UFP Technologies (Cornell buys foam from them, $1K at a time, uses hot glue for unit trays.)
  • Lane Science Cabinets, drawers, and trays. Pricy but good.
  • Jorge Quimbiulco (Ecuador): cell, 0995403006, Industrias Omega: Unit trays, minimum order 2000 trays
  • Kimble-Chase I get the 51 Expansion Glass Shell Vials with Plug Style Closures.
Labelling Paper
  • University Products
    • Resistall labelling paper (Product 219-288511) for specimens stored in alcohol or formaldehyde.
    • Byron Weston Xerographic Linen Record paper (Product 226-85153, same as Bioquip offers) for points and dry labels. Archival, acid free, 32#, 100% cotton.
    • Archival Quality Laser Labels (Product 387-3025), adhesive, for slide labelling.
  • Strathmore Series 500 3ply plate-finish bristol board for points?
  • I use herbarium sheets (cut in half) in my laser printer to make labels for insect pins. Heavy, acid-free linen paper.
Microscopes, Photography, and related equipment
  • Olympus TG-5: THE ESSENTIAL field compact macro camera. Focus stacking built in, can be used hand-held at up to 7x life size!
  • Macroscopic Solutions: complete macroscopic photography systems starting at reasonable prices.
  • Email me for my contact Lenny Tilstra in NJ who sells, reconditions and repairs microscopes.
  • Optical Imaging in Hohokus, NJ.
  • Rose Entomology: Pinned Specimen Manipulator (pricey, but invaluable) and other collecting equipment.
  • Lego Specimen Manipulator from the BMNH.
  • ZLibrary: free downloads of innumerable books, not just entomology. Ignores copyright.
  • SciHub: free downloads of innumerable articles, not just entomology. Ignores copyright. If it has moved, see: Where Is SciHub Now?
  • Pemberley Books: source of many important entomological books.
  • Ethyl acetate:for killing insects. A controlled chemical in Ecuador because of the drug trade. Need a permit to obtain.
  • La Casa de los Quimicos: Cyanide, 99% ethanol, wash bottles, other assorted labware in Quito.
  • Disproquim: 96% alcohol very cheap
  • Anhydrous alcohol: methods for simple preparation with quicklime and Zeolite.
  • Botica Alemania: essential oils for attracting orchid bees
  • Visikol: a mounting and clearing agent instead of chloral hydrate.
  • Bis(trimethylsilyl)amine (also known as hexamethyldisilazane, or HMDS): a source for this. Used to dry minute insects.
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