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Kanai Sensei.jpg

Kanai Sensei (Huben 2006) 18 E Re 3, Melon Polychrome, Dor Dip Emo

MH0010.4 = (Early And Often * Rosy Returns)
Price: $15 DF


Kanai Sensei is named for my Aikido and Iaido teacher for 20 years. It always opens to a perfect little bagle, of a peculiarly difficult to describe color. It has a tiny green throat, and somewhere between 6 and 16 buds depending on how well it is grown. It's sunfast, and has excellent low foliage. What makes it special though (besides the excellent rebloom) is the phenominal increase. It's the fastest increaser in my garden, yet doesn't seem to get too crowded. Its small stature, rapid increase, good foliage, rebloom, and nice clumping habit make it well suited for edging. As a parent for rebloomers, it throws all those characteristics very nicely. Reportedly, like its parent Early And Often, Kanai Sensei is very rust resistant and passes that to its offspring.

This would be a good cross to remake because it produced a load of reblooming, clear pinks. I threw them out because I was breeding for white. D'Oh!

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