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MH0966X (Huben nr) 40 E 3.25, Gold Self, Dor Dip

(Red Corky * Donna Diana)


Scapes as dark as any other. Brilliant gold flowers.

MH0966X 2.jpg

MH0966X 3.jpg


  • Mangoes and Chocolate Mangoes and Chocolate (Huben 2017) 40 E 2.5, Yellow Self, Dor Dip
    MH0966D = (Red Corky * Donna Diana)
    When my friend Roger Swain (the man with the red suspenders) visited me at Harmon Hill Garden last year, he took one look at this beautiful plant and exclaimed that it was exactly the color of ripe mangoes. I agreed, and the chocolate-colored scapes made this an easy name to choose. This dark scape introduction is very species-like: graceful, long-branched scapes in an amazing profusion. Not the darkest scaped of my introductions, but with a wonderful color that gleams across the garden. The dark scapes have 5 branches and 27 buds, and there is a strong red stripe on the sepal reverses. Mangoes and Chocolate is rare: a self-cleaner. The flowers furl to a beautiful, bud-like orange roll the first day, light brown the second, and drop off the third. This is really useful for such profuse bloomers! It's also an excellent, rapid increaser.
    $30 DF


No descendents.


  • Red Corky Red Corky (Bozenhart )
    An F1 towards a red Corky with a slender, graceful, branched scape that falls.

  • Donna Diana Donna Diana (Hogendorn 1999) 36 M 3, Red Self, Dor Dip
    Very black scapes, hideous terracotta color.

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