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MH1104.4 (Huben nr) 30 E Re 3, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip

(Green Effusion * MH0902S)


very white, IRe! 4br18bu



    No descendents.


    • Green Effusion Green Effusion (Huben 2014) 21 E Re 3, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
      (MH0331A * Vanilla Stella)
      Green Effusion is the second of a series of perfect little white flowers with green throats that rebloom in profusion. From its parent Vanilla Stella it inherits northern rebloom, rapid increase, excellent form and a very green throat. I thought the branching and budcount were ok, with 4 branches and 12 buds in my garden, but at the Harmon's it skyrocketed to 32 inches, 5 branches and 50 buds on some scapes! The green is what makes this one special for me. It radiates out of the throat in the veins, even more than for its sib Accentuate The Green. I'm breeding heavily with this one for green over white. I also love the up-facing habit of the flowers. One small detail that is really attractive when you notice it is the rosy color of the pollen sacks against the green throat before they open.

      This one has one minor flaw: it doesn't open well after cool nights.

    • MH0902S MH0902S (Huben )
      (MH0315C * White And Nerdy)
      • MH0315C MH0315C (Huben ) 20 E Re 2.75, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
        (Boston Marathon * Ace Up My Sleeve)
        • Boston Marathon Boston Marathon (Huben 2010) 24 E Re 3.5, Pink w'Rose Eye, Dor Dip Noc
          (Frequent Flyer * Early And Often)
          Pink with rose eye. Northern Continuous Rebloom. A pretty pink rebloomer with great green throat. Blooms until frost.
        • Ace Up My Sleeve Ace Up My Sleeve (Huben 2010) 22 E Re 4, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
          (Early And Often * Sunshine On Clouds)
          Near white self. Northern Continuous Rebloom. Increases slowly but an exceptional breeder of continuous rebloomers.
          • Early And Often Early And Often (Huben 2001) 26 E Re 4, Peach Polychrome, Dor Dip Ext Fra Noc
            (Sunny Honey * Sobek 94.12)
            Honorable Mention award 2006! At last: a northern rebloomer that isn't yellow or gold. The heart of my breeding program, producing a great diversity of seedlings, many of them rebloomers. Very rapid increase. Tested and found highly rust resistant (a character passed to most of its kids.) Early And Often was my first introduction, and has lived up to its promise as a continuous rebloomer; it blooms non stop from early July until frost. Some growers report as many as seven sets of scapes per season. Unlike other diploid rebloomers, it is a color clarifier and readily gives up the melon tones in seedlings.
          • Sunshine On Clouds Sunshine On Clouds (Huben 2006) 26 E Re 4.25, Cream w'Pale Midrib, Dor Dip
            (MH9721E * MH9650E)
            An outstanding clump in my garden for the brilliance, unique shade, and floriferousness. It is a brilliant light yellow, in the cream range but with none of the dullness of most creams due to extreme diamond dusting. The upfacing blooms have a yellowgreen throat. Crossed with Early And Often, it is the parent of Ace Up My Sleeve, and the grandparent of my latest crop of nearwhite rebloomers. It has 18 buds on three branches. Sunshine On Clouds reblooms lightly in my garden, but in other people's gardens it is a much stronger rebloomer.
      • White And Nerdy White And Nerdy (Huben 2012) 28 EM Re 4.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
        (MH0034F * Ace Up My Sleeve)
        My best white rebloomer. Sib to Snowy Stella. A continuous rebloomer that is not yellow. Whiter than any tetraploid "white", it has a green throat good ruffling and heavy diamond dusting. 16 buds with 3 sets of scapes in my garden. Pod and pollen fertile. When crossed with other continuous rebloomers, it throws a high percentage of reblooming kids, great color clarity, high budcount, large green throats and a great deal of green in sepals as well. This one is named for my personal theme song, "Weird Al" Yankovic's "I'm Too White & Nerdy".

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