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Parents Page for AP Computer Science


The Basics

Classes and Homework

Date Theme Homework Due
12/3 Codingbat arrays: next 6. Finish for homework. 12/4
12/2 Codingbat arrays: first 6. Finish for homework. 12/3
11/26 Test on Creating and Using Classes and Objects
11/25 Review Of Creating and Using Classes and Objects Study for test! 11/26
11/22 Write FishTank class. Skim Ch. 9, answer ex. 1-4, 9, 10a, 11. 11/25
11/20 CodingBat loop practice. Codingbat Java > Warmup-2: finish the first 9. 11/21
11/19 Introduction to Iteration. Ch. 8 slides 1-13. Codingbat Java > Warmup-2: stringTimes, frontTimes, countXX.
Read p.194-197 in the text.
11/18 Recursion practice continued.. Codingbat Java > Recursion-1: first 18 problems should be completed. 11/19
11/14 Recursion 2. Codingbat Java > Recursion-1: triangle, sumDigits, count7, count8. 11/15
11/13 Recursion 1. Read and take notes on Slides 4.15-23.
Codingbat Java > Recursion-1: factorial, bunnyEars, fibbonacci, bunnyEars2.
11/12 Entering Starfleet Academy: recursion. Read and take notes on Ch. 4.4. 11/13
11/4 Collect and review Javadoc comments. Building Triangles project. 11/6
11/1 Work in class on Javadoc comments.
10/31 Collect and review Complex class project. Add Javadoc comments to class Complex. (See here] or page 106 in text.) 11/4
10/25 Review of constructors and CodingBat problems, begin project. Complex class project 10/30
10/24 Fractals! Complete a fractal browser.
10/22-23 Forging The Rings! Introduction to constructors. Book Of The Humans, Ch. 9, Ex 1-5. 10/23
10/21 Test On Objects, Public and Private and Ch. 5 Book Of The Humans, Read 9.1-9.3. 10/22
10/18 Review Of Objects, Public and Private and Ch. 5 The thrird row of CodingBat>Warmup-1: nearHundred, posNeg, notString.
The third row of CodingBat>Logic-1: love6, in1To10, specialEleven.
10/17 Simpler Is Better: Things we can learn in CodingBat. Read De Morgan's Law.
Read Chapter 7.7. Ch. 7 Exercises 4-7.
The second row of CodingBat>Warmup-1: diff21, parrotTrouble, makes10.
The second row of CodingBat>Logic-1: caughtSpeeding, sortaSum, alarmClock.
10/16 Starting in CodingBat Java (CodingBat Java, formerly called Javabat.) Read/watch Java String Introduction. The first row of CodingBat>Logic-1: cigarParty, dateFashion and squirrelPlay. 10/17
10/15 Choose Between Good And Evil Using if and else. Read: Textbook 7.1-7.5,7.8 ex. 1, 2, 4, 5. 10/16
10/10 Understanding "Creating Uruk Hais" Read: Textbook 9.2, 9.4, 9.11. 10/11
10/9 Read: Textbook Chapter 5 and/or Chapter 5 slides. Chapter 5, Ex. 1-8, 10, 11. 10/10
10/3-10/7 Creating Uruk Hais Introduction to objects, public and private. Read: Dr. Java manual, Chapter 3. Editing Programs. Try out the features.
Read: Textbook 9.1.
10/2 Test On Variables, Arguments, and Returns
10/1 Review Of Variables, Arguments, and Returns Study for test. 10/2
9/30 Review Of Variables, Arguments, and Returns Have written answers to all these questions, with examples instead of "yes". Read and take notes on Book Of The Humans, Ch. 6.7. 10/1
9/25 The Mind Of Sauron Hand in finished class. 9/30
9/23-24 Bargains With Evil: Methods with arguments and returns. Read and take notes on Book Of The Humans, Ch. 3.3-3.4 and 6.6. Exercises Ch. 3: 3-5 and Ch. 6: 1-2. 9/25
9/20 The Knowledge Of Sauron's Minions: Introduction to variables and types. Math.java. Book Of The Humans, Ch. 6 exercises 1-4. 9/23
9/19 Test On Demonology Beginnings Read Muggle textbook Ch. 6.1-6.5. Note what you understand, and what you do not understand. 9/20
9/18 Discussion of Review Of Demonology Beginnings. Bring questions! Study with the Hogwarts Test One Outline. 9/19
9/17 Review Of Demonology Beginnings Exercise in lesson. 9/18
9/16 The Demons Command Each Other: Calling static void methods without arguments, public and private, multiple classes. Read and take notes on the Muggle textbook Ch. 9.5. 9/17
9/12 Commanding The Demons: Introduction to methods. Exercise in lesson. 9/13
9/11 Fear Not Demon Curses: Introduction to error messages. Muggle exercises Ch.2, ex. 9. 9/12
9/10 Muggle Studies, slides 2.7-2.13 Muggle exercises Ch.2, ex. 1-5. 9/11
9/9 Muggle Studies, slides 2.1-2.6 Read Muggle textbook Ch. 2.1-2.2. 9/10
9/6 Hogwarts School Of Computer Science: Introduction to parentheses and blocks. Keyboard Navigation 9/9
9/4 Welcome! Sign Syllabus sheets. 9/5



AP Exam Information


AP Computer Science 2012-13

This page was rebooted for 2013-14. Last year's page is: AP Computer Science 2012-13

Mr. Huben

I do not have formal Massachusetts certification to teach Computer Science (I am certified in Math 9-12, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.) That can be fixed. However, I've been programming since I was 17, roughly 40 years. My first career (as a programmer) lasted for roughly 25 years. I wrote my first networked computer game in 1975 (on the educational PLATO system.) I was an early enthusiast of Object Oriented Languages, starting with Smalltalk-80 (I devoured the Byte Smalltalk issue and bought the Blue Book the instant it was available.) I was an early adopter of structured programming, UNIX, C, object oriented programming, C++, the internet, the web, HTML, etc.

I've learned or used at least 30 computer languages including:

  • APL
  • MIX
  • LISP
  • assembly languages
  • C
  • C++
  • Smalltalk
  • ESSI
  • HTML
  • Java and Javascript
  • UNIX tool languages
    • sh
    • csh
    • make
    • sed
    • yacc
    • perl
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