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Brilliant Bouquet (Huben 2013) 28 EM Re 3.5, Cream Self, Dor Dip

MH0413A = (Sunshine On Clouds * MH0207K)
Price: $20 DF


When I bred Sunshine On Clouds, I loved the behavior but wanted a whiter flower. With Brilliant Bouquet I failed to get a whiter flower, but kept all the good behavior, improved the foliage, improved the flower form a little, and got a marvelous performer. Sunshine On Clouds often covers itself in bloom, but Brilliant Bouquet brings that to a new level, at times giving a "cushion mum" effect. The above photo is ungroomed except for liveheading the previous day, and it is unnecessary to remove the spent blooms because they close well. With 5 branches, 28 buds, some bud building and some rebloom, that means a long season covered with flowers.

Excellent form for a northern rebloomer, as you can see below. This whole lineage has acted as color clarifiers in my breeding: Brilliant Bouquet should be able to throw near-white offspring. An average increaser.

Brilliant Bouquet-2.jpg




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