Chapter 1.4-1.6 Test Outline

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  • absolute value, empty set, intersection, conjunction, union, disjunction


  • evaluate expressions with absolute values
  • solve absolute value equations and check the answers
    • identify absolute value equations with the empty set as an answer
    • identify extraneous solutions by checking
  • write absolute value equations from word problems and solve them


  • trichotomy property of real numbers
  • the six equalities and inequalities
  • properties of inequalities: +, -, x, /
    • special case when x or / with negative number
  • solve inequalities using the properties
  • graph inequalities on the number line
  • express solution sets of inequalities with set-builder notation
  • write inequalities from word problems and solve them


  • compound inequalities
    • and inequalities are conjunctions, their solutions are intersections (overlaps)
    • or inequalities are disjunctions, their solutions are unions
  • solve 'and', 'or' compound inequalities and absolute value inequalities
    • graph solution sets on number lines
    • express solution sets with set-builder notation
  • write absolute value inequalities from word problems and solve them
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