Chapter 11.1-11.4 Test Outline

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  • Know the differences and similarities in form, domain, notation, type of math, and graphs between:
    • linear functions and arithmetic sequences
    • exponential functions and geometric sequences
  • Understand the relationship between a series and its sequence.
  • Memorize the formulas for arithmetic and geometric sequences and series.
    • How to find the next term.
    • How to find term n.
  • Write formulas for an or Sn when given values of a sequence or series.
  • Solving problems:
    • Understand what kind of sequence or series you are working with.
    • Identify any of the following data from the problem: n, an, Sn, a1, S1, d, r.
    • Find the appropriate formula that uses the data you are given to find needed data.
    • Solve for the needed data.
  • Sigma notation
    • Be able to translate into English
    • Write the sequence and series specified by sigma notation.
    • Given a formula for a sequence, write a sigma notation expression for a term of its series.
    • Use series formulas to evaluate sigma notation.
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