Chapter 8.4-8.6 Test Outline

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Direct, Joint, and Inverse Variation

  • Recognize the variables, constants, and types of variation
  • Remember the formulas
  • Use the formulas to solve between two sets of values
  • Find types of variation within a formula

Classes of Functions

  • 9 classes: constant, direct variation, identity, greatest integer, absolute value, quadratic, square root, rational, inverse variation.
  • Recognize them from:
    • Graphs
    • Equations
  • Be able to answer which are:
    • polynomials
    • special cases of one another

Solving Rational Equations and Inequalities

  • Change them to ordinary equations by multiplying with the LCD
  • Check solutions! Some might be extraneous.
  • Word problems:
    • Identify the variable you will solve for
    • Write equations using that variable, and solve them.
  • Inequalities
    • Find cases where values are undefined. These are excluded values.
    • Solve the related equation.
    • Intervals of the number line are divided by excluded values and solutions. Test each region.
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