Chapter 9.1-9.6 Test Outline

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  • Exponentials and logarithms
    • Notation
  • Convert
  • 5 properties of exponentials
  • domain, range, intercept, asymptote, one-to-one + continuous
  • use property of equality to solve
  • iff
  • check for extraneous solutions
  • logarithms and exponentials are inverses of each other
  • exponential growth/decay reflect across y axis
  • writing exponential functions for data
  • evaluate logarithms
  • solve inequalities
  • properties of logarithms: product, quotient, power
  • sliderules multiply by addition of lengths, which are logarithms
  • e, the natural number
  • bases of common log (10) and natural log (e)
  • change of base formula
  • solving tricks
    • compose with inverse functions to produce identity function
    • log or ln of both sides to calculate
    • use power property of logs to solve for variables in exponents
    • change an equation to solve for a variable using these tricks
  • solve with continually compounded interest formula
  • solve with the 4 forms of appreciation and depreciation formulas
    • half lives
    • population growth
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