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Clarity Of Purpose.jpg

Clarity Of Purpose (Huben 2014) 44 E 5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip Ext

MH0461B = (MH0219I * Ice Trumpets)
Price: $25 DF


Near-whites are a difficult class of daylilies: they tend to have an assortment of faults. Often foliage, scape, substance or whiteness just aren't that good. In the course of breeding for tall-and-small near-whites, I accidentally got a large which is pretty good for those characteristics. Especially for the north.

So the question is, how white is it? Clarity Of Purpose is an extremely clean near-white with a green throat, white veins, good substance and heavy diamond dusting. Below, I compare it to Joan Senior. The photo is taken in early morning, before either is bleached by the sun.

Clarity Of Purpose vs. Joan Senior.jpg

I'd say that the photo shows Clarity Of Purpose to have a greener throat and less off-white color. Also, a smaller size, narrower petals and less ruffling, to be honest.

Another couple of pictures to give you an idea of the whiteness.

Clarity Of Purpose 2.jpgClarity Of Purpose 3.jpg

On the left is Clarity Of Purpose in the afternoon, photographed in direct sun. Direct sun makes photographs look yellower as you can see from the foliage, but if you examine the photograph at full resolution, the diamond dusting really stands out. The same bloom photographed a few seconds later with indirect lighting, gives a more accurate impression of how white the flower looks in the garden.

As a tall, early, brilliant near-white, Clarity Of Purpose is is a beacon in the garden, drawing attention from quite a distance. It usually blooms a week after Stella De Oro, about the same time Happy Returns blooms, making it appropriate for a June perennial border. Not from rebloom lines, and not a rebloomer for me. Likely rust resistant.

When I first saw Clarity Of Purpose and its siblings, I was so impressed that I remade the cross. The result was Yearn To Be Clouds.

An unusual feature of Clarity Of Purpose is that it seems to be aphid resistant. One year aphids in my garden were so bad that many daylilies were losing buds and scapes and the shed skins of aphids were all over the plants. That year, Clarity Of Purpose was one of the few daylilies that showed no aphid damage to the buds or scapes. Nobody seems to be working on insect resistance: this might be a helpful place to start.

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  • Virgin Virgin (Huben 2016) 44 EM 3.75, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
    MH0461F = (MH0219I * Ice Trumpets)
    One of my favorites because of the extremely clear white color. This one really stands out in the garden for the brilliance of the white. 4 branches and 14 buds. From my tall-and-small near-white breeding. Likely rust resistant.
  • Yearn To Be Clouds Yearn To Be Clouds (Huben 2014) 38 EM Re 3.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
    MH0848D = (MH0219I * Ice Trumpets)
    5 to 6 branches and 21 buds. A near-white with a green throat, a faint green overlay, good substance and extreme diamond dusting. Flowers are held facing upwards, with the petals lifting off the sepals. Instant rebloom, great foliage, excellent scape and rapid increase. Likely rust resistant.
    $25 DF


  • MH1169D MH1169D (Huben ) 50 E 3.5, Purple Bitone, Dor Dip
    (Clarity Of Purpose * Sobek 93.36)
    Huge, erect, slender scape with 5 branches and 27buds, very white base color.


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