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Crazy Kids (Sobek nr)

(Sobek 89.38B * Dark Avenger)



    • O Positive O Positive (Huben 2013) 46 EM 3.25, Red w'Dark Band, Dor Dip
      (Crazy Kids * Indelible Blood)
      This red has everything. It is vigorous, tall, sunfast, well branched and budded and beautiful. The instant Bob Sobek saw it, he said he wanted it: and not too surprisingly, it is out of one of his introductions. With 6 branches and 24 buds, it puts on a terrific display for a long time. The foliage is excellent. My other tall, red introductions have a trumpety form, but O Positive has more a ruffled bagel form: or perhaps you could say it resembles a red blood cell (but it's too big to be named Erythrocyte.)


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