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Ethereal Pink.jpg

Ethereal Pink (Huben 2016) 24 E Re 4, Pink Self, Dor Dip

MH0404.19 = (Boston Marathon * MH0207K)
Price: $30 DF


The best, clearest, appleblossom pink color I have ever seen in a daylily, and on one of my continual rebloomers no less! I love the narrow, flat-open, ruffled form which I am working into my other narrow forms. An early morning opener with a green throat. Not crazy vigorous like its parent Boston Marathon, but adequately so. 3 branches and 12 buds, but who cares: it reblooms strongly!

Ethereal Pink1.jpg

After very warm nights, the color can show more melon and the petals can be broader.



    No descendents.


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