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My morning ritual is to sit down with a cup of coffee and read comics on the web before eating or anything else. Then, if I have time, I may read blogs.

I have a collection several yards long of books of many of these series. Some series have stayed in print for decades.

There are some amazing quality comics free on the web. Here are some that I highly recommend. Many have complete archives going back 10 years or so.

Continuing Series

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Zach Weinersmith's daily comic about science, philosophy, love, sex, death, and wiener jokes. Makes some very sophisticated concepts understandable.
Girl Genius
The Foglio's anarchic comics are all great, with a peculiar flavor. This one is long and a lot of fun. The characters are all interestingly demented and the artwork ranges from really good to spectacular. I highly recommend the old Buck Godot.
This one does not grow stale. Delightful artwork, characters that grow and develop subtlety, meandering and unpredictable plots, gods, devils, stoners, ninjas, players, and clever interactions that leave you thinking. It cannot be praised highly enough.
The skilled artwork in this one is priceless. The themes vary from simple pleasures to comedy to philosophy. In some ways like Peanuts with much better art.
Sluggy Freelance
An unattractive title, but wild, bizarre and funny storylines. A few great tropes, such as Bun Bun the vicious rabbit. The artwork is good enough and distinctly different, not following the usual cliches.
Jesus and Mo
Philosophically astute, this is a skeptical strip which skillfully skewers pretty much any religious argument you've ever heard with wit, logic, and sacrilege. The artwork is rudimentary, but with those ideas who cares?
xkcd, A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.
This is THE nerd's comic. You may actually need some higher math to understand some of these. The infographics he creates are classics of detail and skilled communication. If it isn't funny, it is surprising in a good way. Nothing like it.
Daily Kos Comics
Contains several periodically updated comics, most notably:
  • This Modern World
  • Animal Nuz
  • Mark Fiore
  • MattWuerker
  • Tom The Dancing Bug
  • Jen Sorenson
  • The K Chronicles
  • Matt Bors
A comic about growing up, examining all the facets of high school socialization and beyond. It gracefully explains awkwardness.
I've been reading Doonesbury for 40+ years. Excellent commentary and snark about trends in politics and culture.
9 Chickweed Lane
Ranges from snark to comedy of manners to slapstick, from normal to bizarre, with appealing and well-crafted artwork.
Sister comic to 9 Chickweed Lane, heavy on the fantasy.
Non Sequitur
Lots of excellent satire in any direction, with a cast ranging from the staid to the fantastic.
Rose is Rose
A happy, family story about raising small children. Too many angels, but otherwise really good.
The author is a colossal jerk, but his cynical view of business, office and personal life is all too accurate and funny to ignore.
Gets old for adults, but perfect slapstick for encouraging young children to start reading.
A silent boy who enjoys the sci-fi and horror tropes in his life.
An amazing NSFW comic with no story line, but some fantastic ideas and nice artwork.

Completed Series

Dominic Deegan, Oracle For Hire
The artwork is a little limited in quality, but the characters and story are pretty good. Some excellent punning and other comedy.
Calvin and Hobbes
Simply the best comic ever written. Brilliant in so many ways.
Little Nemo
The most brilliant artwork ever to grace the comic pages. Must be seen to be believed.
Lil' Abner
Ran for decades; wildly popular for artwork, satire, and much-loved characters.
A zany and fitting successor to Lil' Abner; but it only ran for one year.
Quirky characters and adventurous plots made this one popular for decades.
The Boondocks
Improbably smartass black kids comment brilliantly on racial politics and the foibles of their acquaintances.
The Far Side
The most biologically informed comic ever: brilliant one-panel one-liners.
The Addams Family
A family where all the horror stories are normal.
Gahan Wilson
How the horror tropes would interact humorously with the real world.
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