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Fountain Of Blood (Huben 2012) 44 EM 3.5, Red Self, Dor Dip

MH0378V = (Siloam Plum Tree * Red Spire)
Price: $15 DF


This one has it all, except sunfastness. This velvety, brilliant, fire engine red is a joy, and produces a fiery spectacle with its 40 buds per scape and 6 way branching. This one has an important place in the back of the bed because of its height and bright color: be sure to leave a path to reach it so that visitors can walk up to it. Unlike Arterial Blood and Venous Blood, the slender and graceful scapes never lean towards the sun: they are non-phototropic and remain bolt erect even when every bud has podded. I've also noticed that it has excellent foliage and increase. It is sometimes rhyzomatious, but normally makes a solid clump. Fountain Of Blood has only an ordinary degree of sunfastness for a red. On harsh days in full sun the petals curl and slick, but they don't melt and they do return to perfection as soon as the direct sun has passed. With partial shade, this can be avoided. Rarely it shows some spotting from thrips, but it is quite rain fast. The foliage is not deciduous: like "evergreens" it does not die back until hard frosts. But unlike "evergreens", the dormant buds emerge in the spring in their simple beauty.

Fountain Of Blood is an excellent breeder, pod and pollen fertile. It passes on the grace, height, erectness and high bud count of the scapes, as well as the beautiful velvety red and green throat. Many of its kids (such as MH0879Z)are sunfast in addition.

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