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Parents Page for Geometry


Students: How to do well in Math.

Classes, Homework and Tests

Date Theme Homework Due
11/26 Test 5.1-5.3 Read and take notes Ch. 5.4 12/1
11/25 Review for Test 5.1-5.3 Test 5.1-5.3 Outline 11/26
Ch. 5.1 ex 2, 3; Play with Triangle Centers. 11/21
11/18 Test 4.1-4.7 Read and take notes Ch. 5.1 11/19
11/14 Review for Test 4.1-4.7 Test 4.1-4.7 Outline 11/18
10/31 Test 3.1-3.6 Read and take notes Ch. 4.1 11/1
10/30 Review for Test 3.1-3.6 Test 3.1-3.6 Outline 10/
10/19 Geometry 2.5-2.8 Test Read and take notes Ch. 3.1. 10/18
10/16 Test practice game. Study some more! Get an A! 10/17
10/15 Homework Review Study! Geometry 2.5-2.8 Test Outline. 10/16
10/9 10/10
10/8 2-6 Study Guide and Intervention Worksheet Ch 2.6 ex 1-11, 19, 21. Read and take notes on Ch. 2.7. 10/9
10/4 Geometry 2.1-2.4 Test Read and take notes Ch. 2.5. 10/7
10/3 Test practice game. Study some more! Get an A! 10/4
10/2 Homework Review Study! Geometry 2.1-2.4 Test Outline. 10/3
9/20 Geometry 1.1-1.6 Test Read and take notes Ch. 1.7. 9/23
9/19 Test practice game. Study some more! Start with an A! 9/20
9/18 Homework Review Study! Geometry 1.1-1.6 Test Outline. 9/19
9/17 1.6 Two-Dimensional Figures Ch. 1.6 Ex. 1-6, 31-39. 9/18
9/16 1.5 Angle Relationships Ch. 1.5 Ex. 1-7. Read and take notes Ch. 1.6. 9/17
9/13 1.4 Angle Measure 9/16
9/12 1.3 Distance and Midpoints Ch. 1.3 Ex. 1-6. Read and take notes Ch. 1.4. 9/13
9/11 1.2 Linear Measure and Precision Ch. 1.2 Ex. 1-11, 43, 44. Read and take notes Ch. 1.3. 9/12
9/10 1.1 Points, Lines and Planes Ch. 1.1 Ex. 1-9, 44, 46. Read and take notes Ch. 1.2. 9/11
9/9 Summer review work TEST.
9/4 Welcome! Sign Syllabus sheets.
Cover textbook.
Summer work assignments.

Calculator Help

Online Resources

Student Requirements

In The Classroom

Students will be considered unprepared and given a misdemeanor if they:

  • Are not ready to take notes (you must have paper and pencil or pen.)
  • Do not have a textbook or cannot share a textbook without my assistance.
  • Do not have a working calculator or cannot share one without my assistance. (You cannot share calculators on tests.)
  • Are not seated and ready to work when the bell rings: notebooks should be open, homework out, etc.


The notebook should be a binder with three sections:

  • Class notes.
  • Homework.
  • Returned tests for the term.

Here is the Notebook Rubric for grading when they are collected.

All these requirements are so that YOU can justify that you've done the work to earn the grade, in case I make a mistake or you think you deserve a better grade.


Students must cover their textbooks, and are responsible for returning them in good condition.


You are required to have a TI-83 or TI-84 series calculator. These are the kinds of calculators allowed on standardized tests, and I will not help you with other sorts of calculators.


Department policy is +2 points added to your grade for all homework complete on time. -1 if you are missing 3, -2 missing 4, etc.


School policy is that you have three school days after returning from an excused absence to make up tests. It is up to you to schedule the make-up test.


Rough pacing guide:

  • T1: to be determined...
  • T2: to be determined...
  • T3: to be determined...
  • T4: to be determined...
  • T5: to be determined...


Lazarus Long, a character in Robert Heinlein's "Time Enough For Love":

Anyone who cannot cope with mathematics is not fully human. At best he is a tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear shoes, bathe and not make messes in the house.
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