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Height Of Fashion (Huben 2012) 44 EM 4, Pink w'Dark Eye, Dor Dip

MH0403.35 = (Frequent Flyer * MH0207K)
Price: $15 DF


Would you like a tall-and-small, well-ruffled pink to add a little attitude and altitude to your garden? Height Of Fashion lords it over shorter daylilies with a nice 4 branches and 20 buds. Unlike certain award-winning daylilies that I could name, the slender, non-phototropic scapes stand erect and never lean. It's a rapid increaser with splendid foliage. It's something of a bitone, and has a beautiful green throat that stands out.

Height Of Fashion comes from my rebloom lines, though it doesn't rebloom for me. I have grown thousands of rebloom seedlings over the years, and this one stuck out dramatically because it was about twice as tall as any of the other seedlings! But it was not a mistake: not a seed from another cross that jumped into the rebloomers or pollen from another source. Just luck to get such distinctive height.

There are a few things I'd like to improve in future generations: the petals do curl in high heat (and uncurl when they cool) and there is some yellow under the pink. Height Of Fashion is a weak pod parent, but a strong pollen parent. None of its kids have yet developed the same height: perhaps because I haven't had anything else in rebloom lines that tall to breed with. But the kids are showing rebloom and remarkable colors and patterns as you can see below. Notice the edge on MH0930A? Now I can work towards tall-and-small rebloomers as well.


  • Magenta Kisses Magenta Kisses (Huben 2013) 28 E Re 3.5, NearWhite w'Magenta Eye, Dor Dip Noc
    MH0403.12 = (Frequent Flyer * MH0207K)
    Magenta Kisses has long been a favorite of mine, because it has such beautifully clear colors and such a sharply defined, very green throat. It is one of the spin offs I expected from my rebloom lines, but not directly in my breeding plans because I'm not working for eyed rebloomers. Magenta Kisses is a child of Frequent Flier, which can act as a color clarifier and often passes rebloom. It is a consistent one-time rebloomer here, and could be an important part of anybody's northern rebloom program. Even though it has only three branches and ten buds, that's not important because of the rebloom. Because it is only a modest increaser, I would recommend crossing it with rebloomers that have rapid increase.
    Held For Increase


  • MH0835A MH0835A (Huben ) ? ? Re ?, NearWhite Self, ? Dip
    (Height Of Fashion * White And Nerdy)

  • MH0930A MH0930A (Huben ) ? ? ?, ? ?, ? Dip
    (MH0705Z * Height Of Fashion)

  • MH0930G MH0930G (Huben ) 32 E ?, Orchid Bicolor, ? Dip
    (MH0705Z * Height Of Fashion)

  • MH1110A MH1110A (Huben ) 26 E Re 3.75, NearWhite Polychrome, Dor Dip
    (Vanilla Stella * Height Of Fashion)
    I knew Height Of Fashion carried rebloom, but this kid sent up 4 scapes from a single fan! Green throat, ruffles, 2 branches and 10 buds.


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