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Helicopter (Huben 2013) 36 EM Re 3.5, Melon Self, Dor Dip Ufo

MH0761E = (A Small Multitude * MH0315E)
Price: $35 DF


Helicopter is the most distinctive introduction I have this year, and really excites me. Several people are working on small spideries and UFOs, and I got one by accident! My actual goal was hanging flowers, but what I got was a small MELON spatulate. Three breakthoughs at once: small size, narrow spatulate form, and melon color that will let me move to clean whites, pinks, reds and purples. All that AND it has one-time rebloom (late) in my garden and at Harmon Hill Farm. In plant habit, Helicopter resembles Nutmeg Elf (McCabe 1978), an Award Of Merit winner. A forest of slender, well branched scapes floats numerous flowers well above the foliage and well separated from each other. Grace personified! A great increaser with four branches and 18 buds.

Nutmeg Elf.jpg Nutmeg Elf

There is some yellow in the bloom: the warmer the nights, the more yellow. But after cool nights, there can be so little yellow that it approaches white!

Helicopter-2.jpg Helicopter

Helicopter is quite fertile, and produces pods with lots of seeds. We've seen the excellent results Gossard, Reinke, Blanton and others got with Nutmeg Elf: imagine repeating them in other colors using Helicopter!



    • MH1211.10 MH1211.10 (Huben ) 20 EM 3.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
      (Helicopter * MH0902S)
      A first attempt to bring narrow forms into white rebloomer lines. Not as narrow or white as the ultimate goal, and no sign of rebloom yet. Maybe next year.

    • MH1331E MH1331E (Huben ) 26 E Re 3.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
      (Helicopter * MH1107N)
      You know how sometimes the first bloom is all you need to decide on an introduction? MH1331E opened today, and looks like Nutmeg Elf in near-white.


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