Hogwarts Test One Outline

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  • The word "provenance": know what it means and examples relevant to our studies.
  • Curly braces: where they are used, what they make. ( or ) can be mistaken for { or }.
  • Statements end in a ;
  • Blocks contain statements and other blocks.
  • Methods.
    • Know how to spot the return type, the name and the arguments.
    • Have a body that is a block.
    • Distinguish between method signatures/declarations and method calls (is there a block? Indentation level?)
    • Be able to spot constructors by their capitalization.
    • Specifying methods that are not in your class. With class name or with variable, followed by a dot.
  • Classes.
    • Be able to write a class with a main method that prints something. Use the two incantations.
    • Know about capitalization of methods and class names.
  • Compilation/interpretation/hybrid.
    • Source files, object files, Java language, machine language, bytecodes, suffixes.
    • What the programs java and javac do.
    • Advantages/disadvantages of compilers and interpreters.
  • History of software development.
    • What has gotten faster?
    • What has gotten bigger/smaller?
    • What has gotten cheaper/more expensive?
  • Our class slogan.
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