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Your calculator can do all sorts of amazing things. Here are some of the common ones you will need.


Clear Memory.

  • MEM (2nd +), 5:Reset..., 1:All Memory, 2:Reset
  • 3:Clear Entries

Get back to typing in calculations.

You can exit from the graphing screen and almost any other screen with 2nd MODE (QUIT).

Where do I find the absolute value function (or other functions?)

  • Absolute value is in the MATH - NUM menu.
  • Roots are in the MATH menu.
  • Exponentiation is with the ^ key: a^b means a to the b power.

Scatter Plots and Lines of Regression

Also known as line of best fit.

  • Algebra 2 (Glencoe Red) Ch. Extend 2.5, p. 92.
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