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Let Me Be Clear (Huben 2010) 26 EM Re 4, Pink w' Faint Band, Dor Dip

MH0203D = (Frequent Flyer * MH0015.5)
Price: Held For Increase


Let Me Be Clear is simply the clearest colored continuous rebloomer to date. Most "pink" rebloomers are distinguished by dull, muddy colors that get worse when the sun hits them. Not this icy pink! Compare its color clarity to Lullaby Baby (on the right):

Let Me Be Clear (Lullaby Baby right).jpg

(Southerners, please note that Lullaby Baby is not white in the north, but much more a clear, pale apricot pink.)

Let Me Be Clear increases rapidly to make a dense clump with outstanding foliage. It blooms three sets of scapes per year for me, and well into October at Harmon Hill Farm. Scapes have only 9 buds, but that's not a problem for rebloomers with a never ending procession of scapes. It's not a strong seed setter, but it does throw strongly reblooming kids when crossed with other continuous rebloomers.



    No descendents.


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