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MH0463H (Huben nr) 48 EM 3.75, Melon Polychrome, Dor Dip

(MH0226E * MH0288J)


A tall-and-small melon trumpet with 6 br, 35 bu, GT.


  • Exalted Trumpets Exalted Trumpets (Huben 2016) 44 E 3.5, Melon Self, Dor Dip
    MH0463S = (MH0226E * MH0288J)
    Modern trumpet form daylilies with modern ruffles and colors provide an important contrast to the usual bagel forms which so dominate our gardens. Exalted Trumpets is a true tall-and-small with excellent scapes that have 6 branches and 24 buds. Many other tall daylilies concentrate their branches in the last few inches, but Exalted Trumpets places the branches at wide intervals on the scape. The melon color is much less yellow than this picture shows, and the sepals have prominant red stripes on the reverse.
    $25 DF


  • MH1194A MH1194A (Huben )
    (Ice Trumpets * MH0463H)
    Near white the first year and cream the second, but the green throat is awesome. Excellent branching and budcount.


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