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MH0837A (Huben nr) 24 EM 4, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip

(MH0416A * White And Nerdy)


A breakthrough in green-throated whites! I'm not entirely sure, but it looks as if there is a green sheen over the centers of the petals and especially the sepals. A lousy plant with few buds and melts a bit on bad days. This was from a cross I deliberately made for green on white. The parent MH0416A (below) was cream, but shrieked green at me, so I put my best near-white rebloomer onto it. I just love the big, looping ruffles: my favorite kind. And the "gaposis" (sepals visible between the petals) shows more green throat to its advantage. The petals and sepals are fully reflexed, and it opens perfectly. No sign of rebloom yet this year, but there's still time. The pod parent is from rebloom lines, and the pollen parent is one of the continual rebloomers.



    No descendents.


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