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MH1120G (Huben nr) 40 M 5, Pink w'Purple Eye, Dor Dip

(Frequent Flyer * Ida Mae Norris)


This sunfast sibling to MH1120A has an even better appearance. The scapes are slightly shorter, and it only had 4 branches and 10 buds this year, but the scapes do not fall. It was an obvious choice for a sibling cross, since it should also carry rebloom.


  • MH1120A MH1120A (Huben ) 44 EM 5, Pink w'Purple Eye, Dor Dip
    (Frequent Flyer * Ida Mae Norris)
    What a pleasant surprise! I wanted to bring the fabulous form of Ida Mae Norris into rebloom lines. I didn't get rebloom (and didn't expect it this generation.) But I got terrific tall scapes and amazing color clarity with excellent branching and budcount. It is sunfast, has 4 branches and 22 buds and should carry rebloom. The scapes fall: that is a major fault. But this is one of my most heavily used parents for 2014.


No descendents.


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