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Magenta Kisses (Huben 2013) 28 E Re 3.5, NearWhite w'Magenta Eye, Dor Dip Noc

MH0403.12 = (Frequent Flyer * MH0207K)
Price: Held For Increase


Magenta Kisses has long been a favorite of mine, because it has such beautifully clear colors and such a sharply defined, very green throat. It is one of the spin offs I expected from my rebloom lines, but not directly in my breeding plans because I'm not working for eyed rebloomers. Magenta Kisses is a child of Frequent Flier, which can act as a color clarifier and often passes rebloom. It is a consistent one-time rebloomer here, and could be an important part of anybody's northern rebloom program. Even though it has only three branches and ten buds, that's not important because of the rebloom. Because it is only a modest increaser, I would recommend crossing it with rebloomers that have rapid increase.

The flower form is excellent, and it is a consistently good opener. The color varies slightly: in warmer weather, a slight pink sheen is visible. In direct sunlight, Magenta Kisses photographs much yellower than it appears to the eye. This is true of almost any near-white. It is a matter of the color temperature of the light.

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  • Height Of Fashion Height Of Fashion (Huben 2012) 44 EM 4, Pink w'Dark Eye, Dor Dip
    MH0403.35 = (Frequent Flyer * MH0207K)
    Tall-and-small, well-ruffled pink with a dark eye and green throat. Rapid increaser that stands erect and has splendid foliage. Something of a bitone. Strong pollen parent. 20 buds, 4 branches.
    $15 DF


No descendents.


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