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Magic Of Oz (Herrington 1995) 37 M 7, Pink Blend, Dor Dip Spv Ext

Green Widow * (sdlg * (Wind Frills * Rainbow Spangles))


Cannot find siblings with ancestry Green Widow * (sdlg * (Wind Frills * Rainbow Spangles)).


  • Vanilla Gorilla Vanilla Gorilla (Huben 2008) 44 M 8, Cream Self, Dor Dip Ufo
    (Jerry's Whirligig * Magic Of Oz)
    Honorable Mention award 2013! Pronounced "vanILLA gorilla". This UFO measures about 8 inches, and has been drawing a great deal of attention at Harmon Hill Farm for several years. 5 to 6 way branching, 20 to 24 buds. Pod and pollen fertile. This was a fun cross, partly to test the pod fertility of the enormous Jerry's Whirligig, and partly to see what happens in the way of large offspring. Like Jerry's Whirligig, VANILLA GORILLA has wide petals in a cascade form: it reminds me of knuckle walking with the massive arms of a gorilla. Now, you could say some daylilies knuckle walk because the scapes fall, but VANILLA GORILLA's scapes stay upright.


Green Widow * (sdlg * (Wind Frills * Rainbow Spangles))

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