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O Positive (Huben 2013) 46 EM 3.25, Red w'Dark Band, Dor Dip

MH0765C = (Crazy Kids * Indelible Blood)
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This red has everything. It is vigorous, tall, sunfast, well branched and budded and beautiful. The instant Bob Sobek saw it, he said he wanted it: and not too surprisingly, it is out of one of his introductions. With 6 branches and 24 buds, it puts on a terrific display for a long time. The foliage is excellent. My other tall, red introductions have a trumpety form, but O Positive has more a ruffled bagel form: or perhaps you could say it resembles a red blood cell (but it's too big to be named Erythrocyte.)

What makes this one special for me is the SUNFAST velvety intensity of the red color combined with the width needed for a bagel form. It doesn't slick, curl or fade. It doesn't show damage from thrips, aphids, or rain. There is no muddyness in this green-throated red! True, it's not as wide as many, but the recurve makes it a good bagel. O Positive is the second most sunfast red I have, right after its parent Indelible Blood. It compares extremely well with Arterial Blood (left): it has a deeper color and is only a smidgeon smaller.

Arterial Blood vs. O Positive.jpg

I've also compared it to Grace Stamile's excellent Broadway Valentine (left), which is much less saturated and much less sunfast. AS you can see from the picture, you don't need wide petals to still have the bagel effect.

Broadway Valentine vs. O Positive.jpg

As a clump, O Positive is assertive: the scapes are bolt erect and the flowers are rather upfacing. The branches start low on the scape, just above the foliage, and present flowers at many different heights. At almost 4 feet tall, this one stands out at a distance. Bob Sobek and I have bred with it extensively this past summer (2012): I can't wait to see the kids!

O Positive-2.jpg

I really don't perceive any faults with this one, and can't recommend it highly enough.



    No descendents.


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