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Paean For Jocelyn.jpg

Paean For Jocelyn (Huben 2013) 48 E 4, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip

MH0222.2 = (Sobek 88.40A * Ice Trumpets)
Price: $40 DF


I've been working on tall and small near-whites for many years now, and here is the first really good one. Paean For Jocelyn has excellent branching and budcount that it inherited from both parents combined with species-like graceful scapes. It is named in memory of Jocelyn Spragg, a dear friend and stalwart of the New England Daylily Society, who was also tall and well branched. Tall whites like this stand out in the garden even if their flowers are small. If you will pardon the pun, it is a high achievement.

For years I'd wanted a near-white version of Echo The Sun: a tall trumpet with excellent scapes. It took three generations from H. yezoensis, and it is gorgeous. The foliage is excellent and a light green. A clump can be spectacular for many days, because it has 6 branches and 26 buds.

Paean For Jocelyn-3.jpg

You can see that Paean For Jocelyn is phototropic: the flowers face the light and the scapes lean slightly towards the light: but they do not fall.

Paean For Jocelyn is also a good breeder. I call this photo "When good hybridizers go bad!"

Paean For Jocelyn-2.jpg

Paean For Jocelyn has only one fault: it does not increase rapidly. Even in good gardens with no pods set. It is a white from the yellow side, which means that in sun it photographs yellow but to the eye it looks white. Not the whitest in the garden, but it stands out obviously as white.

Paean For Jocelyn is named in memory of our dear friend Jocelyn Spragg. A number of other daylilies have been named after Jocelyn:




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