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Porcelain (Huben 2018) 34 EM 3.25, Melon Self, Dor Dip

MH1115R = (A Small Multitude * MH0902S)
Price: $50 SF


I knew that A Small Multitude held a multitude of possibilities for breeding. I knew it might pass the branching and budcount, and I knew it could throw melon flowers. I had already seen many seedlings from it. But Porcelain blew me away. It has small, round, pansy-faced, pale melon blooms with a green throat and wide, blunt sepals on amazingly well-branched scapes. I count 5 branches with up to 48 buds. But more importantly, the behavior of Porcelain is special. In my awful garden with droughty conditions and record high populations of aphids and thrips, it still had the awesome budcount AND it did not drop buds (though almost everything else did.) A good increaser, but only a mediocre seed setter. Though it comes from rebloom lines, it does not rebloom for me. It might in the south.


Porcelain's petals are beautifully translucent, yet still have excellent, firm substance that lasts the day.


Porcelain makes a clump that is laden with scapes with tons of buds.


Porcelain's one fault is that it doesn't open wide after cool nights. The color can also be a deeper melon then.


Porcelain's green throat is shown clearly here. Note also the waxy, shiny scapes and buds: that may be how it resists aphids, thrips, and drought.


  • MH1115E MH1115E (Huben ) 30 E Re 3.25, Yellow Self, Dor Dip
    (A Small Multitude * MH0902S)
    4 scapes from a single fan! First scape 6branches and 46 buds, later 27, 28, 10+ buds.
  • MH1115R MH1115R (Huben ) 26 E 3.25, Melon Self, Dor Dip
    (A Small Multitude * MH0902S)
    6br44bu, no bud drop, wide blunt sepals, tailored, bonsai scape, excellent increase
  • MH1115X MH1115X (Huben ) 34 E Re 3.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
    (A Small Multitude * MH0902S)
    Tall, slender, graceful scapes with loads of buds and reblooms! 4br28bu, opens flat, sunfast, melon side of near-white.


No descendents.


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