Precalculus 1.1-1.3 Test Outline

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  • Slope formula.
  • Represent lines with: Point-Slope form, Slope-Intercept form, General form, vertical line, horizontal line.
  • Parallel and perpendicular lines
    • write them
    • test for them


  • vocabulary!
    • input, output, independent variable, dependent variable,
  • 3 ways of representing functions graphically.
  • Algebraic representation of a function.
    • Names of parts of a function written in function notation.
    • Relationship between f(x), output, and Y.
  • Evaluating a function (substitution).
    • The careful way: replace the x's with expressions in ().
  • Piecewise functions
    • Evaluate them by finding which domain matches the input, then use that rule.
  • implicit and explicit domains
    • polynomial functions
    • rational functions (where undefined)
    • piecewise functions
  • domain and range
    • graphing to view the domain and range
    • shadow technique
    • writing as inequalities
  • calculating a difference quotient


  • graphs of ordered pairs (x, f(x))
  • vertical line test
  • interval notation versus number lines versus inequalities
  • increasing and decreasing intervals
  • relative maxima and minima
  • even and odd functions
    • identifying them by symmetry
    • identifying them by algebraic substitution
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