Precalculus 1.4-1.7 Test Outline

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1.4 Shifting, Reflecting, and Stretching Graphs

  • Know and recognize the six commonest parent functions.
  • Know how to modify a function by changing inputs and outputs to:
    • shift it horizontally or vertically
    • reflect it around the x-axis or y-axis
    • stretch or shrink vertically or horizontally
  • Recognize modifications to parent functions and write their equations.

1.5 Combinations of Functions

  • Add, subtract, multiply, divide, and compose functions.
    • notation
    • how to find the rules
    • evaluating
  • Is composition commutative? If it is, when?

1.6 Inverse functions

  • Be able to explain what an inverse function does.
  • Verifying inverses algebraically and graphically.
  • Testing if an inverse function exisits.
  • Find inverse functions algebraically.

1.7 Linear Models and Scatter Plots

  • Identify correlations as positive, negative, or neither.
  • Understand what "least squares regression" means.
  • Fit lines to data with your calculator, finding the correlation coefficient.
  • Make predictions from the fitted line.
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