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Seeker of Light.jpg

Seeker of Light (Huben 2015) 30 EM 3.75, Melon Reverse Bitone, Dor Dip Ufo

MH0233D = (Ace Up My Sleeve * A Small Multitude)
Price: $30 DF


A wide spatulate unusual form in a pale melon bitone with a green throat. It has that wildflower look which is so rare in modern dayliliy breeding. The scapes lean slightly outwards without falling, and the blossoms all aim towards the light. Four branches and 18 buds.

This is a part of my long quest to breed tall and small near-whites with diverse sizes and forms. It's not as tall as I ultimately want, but the form is exceptionally nice. Its flowers greatly resemble its pollen parent, A Small Multitude, but in an entirely different color as you can see in the photo below. The scape is shorter than ASM and the branching and budcount are less, but we got rid of the yellow!

A Small Multitude and Seeker of Light.jpg

I had some Garden Judge 2 students rate this plant on the day the picture below was taken (very early in the morning, before it was fully open.) Many were quite taken by it. The big teaching question was "the flowers all face the light: is that good or bad?" My answer, that most students accepted, is that it depends what you want the plant for. If you are planting to the darker side of a path, all the blooms will face the path and that is a benefit. If you are planting on the light side of a path, the flowers would face away and it would be a detriment.

Seeker of Light-2.jpg

Under some conditions, the flowers look and photograph yellower, as seen in the photo below.

Seeker of Light-3.jpg

This one can be interesting for breeders because it carries dark scapes, rebloom, and melon color. This year (2014) I've crossed it to Clarity Of Purpose to add whiteness and regain height, branching and budcount. I've used this one intermittently over a long time: it is a grandparent of Darkness Must Go. I have lots of plans for this one with Helicopter and whites as I seek that wildflower look in melon, pink and white.



    • MH0451L MH0451L (Huben ) 40 E Re 3.5, Melon Polychrome, Dor Dip
      (Kendall TTBS2 * Seeker of Light)
      Long wide thin branching on visibly dark scapes, some rebloom, scapes fall, on the cream side, poor opener, slow increaser.
      • Darkness Must Go Darkness Must Go (Huben 2015) 36 EM 3.5, Yellow Self, Dor Dip Ext
        (MH0220E * MH0451L)
        A vigorous small yellow with dark scapes. The darkness persists much better than most others. From a separate breeding line. Should carry melon, and makes a fine clump.


    • Ace Up My Sleeve Ace Up My Sleeve (Huben 2010) 22 E Re 4, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
      (Early And Often * Sunshine On Clouds)
      Near white self. Northern Continuous Rebloom. Increases slowly but an exceptional breeder of continuous rebloomers.
      • Early And Often Early And Often (Huben 2001) 26 E Re 4, Peach Polychrome, Dor Dip Ext Fra Noc
        (Sunny Honey * Sobek 94.12)
        Honorable Mention award 2006! At last: a northern rebloomer that isn't yellow or gold. The heart of my breeding program, producing a great diversity of seedlings, many of them rebloomers. Very rapid increase. Tested and found highly rust resistant (a character passed to most of its kids.) Early And Often was my first introduction, and has lived up to its promise as a continuous rebloomer; it blooms non stop from early July until frost. Some growers report as many as seven sets of scapes per season. Unlike other diploid rebloomers, it is a color clarifier and readily gives up the melon tones in seedlings.
      • Sunshine On Clouds Sunshine On Clouds (Huben 2006) 26 E Re 4.25, Cream w'Pale Midrib, Dor Dip
        (MH9721E * MH9650E)
        An outstanding clump in my garden for the brilliance, unique shade, and floriferousness. It is a brilliant light yellow, in the cream range but with none of the dullness of most creams due to extreme diamond dusting. The upfacing blooms have a yellowgreen throat. Crossed with Early And Often, it is the parent of Ace Up My Sleeve, and the grandparent of my latest crop of nearwhite rebloomers. It has 18 buds on three branches. Sunshine On Clouds reblooms lightly in my garden, but in other people's gardens it is a much stronger rebloomer.
    • A Small Multitude A Small Multitude (Huben 2010) 44 EM 2.5, Gold Self, Dor Dip Noc
      (Corky * Early And Often)
      Gold Self. Tall and Small. Minute, species-like spatulate flowers on tall, well-branched scapes. Extraordinary breeder.

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