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Sioux Hall.jpg

Sioux Hall (Huben 2016) 36 EM 3.5, Lavender Self, Dor Dip

MH0853R = (Sobek 93.36 * Gladycita)
Price: $40 DF


This is a very intense and sunfast lavender with an extraordinary green throat that speaks for itself. It is named in honor of the late, great Sioux Hall (6th dan Aikido), who taught me so much about Aikido and raising children. I knew Sioux for 32 years, and she has been a close friend of my entire family. Sioux usually tied her red hair with a lavender ribbon. I'm registering this daylily with 5 branches and 33 buds, but sometimes it has 6 branches and 37 buds (and sometimes less.) The excellent scape, which is erect and doesn't lean at all, comes from altissima breeding by Bob Sobek.

Sioux and Carol.jpg

Here's Sioux demonstrating atemi with my daughter, Carol Huben.

Sioux and Peggy.jpg

Here's Sioux demonstrating proper control of uke in nikkyo with Peggy Huben.

Sioux Hall1.jpg

In full sun, the camera can make the flowers look pinker. The lavender in the first photo is much more accurate.

Sioux Hall2.jpg

In hot weather, there is more recurve, but the flower remains sunfast even at 100 degrees. The green throat becomes more yellow.



    No descendents.


    • Sobek 93.36 Sobek 93.36 (Sobek ) 50 M 3, Purple Self, Dor Dip
      ((Barbary Corsair * Rose LGES3) * (Corky * Pardon Me)) * (((Jersey Beacon * With Bells On) * altissima) * (altissima * Lullaby Baby))

    • Gladycita Gladycita (Huben 2016) 36 EM 4, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
      (Ice Trumpets * Lights Of Valinor)
      The most graceful near-white I've bred so far. Gladycita is named for my fiancee's mother in Ecuador. An early morning opener with excellent ruffling, a nice trumpety shape, and the best kind of white with a green throat. Parent of Sioux Hall: Galdycita throughs extraordinary clarity and great form. Not a rapid increaser, but quite fertile. 4 branches and 12 buds in my garden, but much more at Harmon Hill Farm.

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