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Sir Blackstem (Hager 1988) 24 E Re 2.5, Yellow Bicolor, Evr Dip Ext

((Pizza * (sdlg * Raindrop)) * Gold Thimble)


The darkest-scaped registered daylily. In my garden, it is usually not too darkly scaled: I have seedlings which have darker scapes. Sir Blackstem also carries melon: half its kids lose the yellow in outcrosses to homozygous melons.

The foliage on Sir Blackstem is short and resembles a haystack, rather than a fountain. The buds are also very dark, which makes them difficult to notice. More contrast would deb nice.

The following two pictures were taken in upstate New York, where the scape coloration was much more intense than in my garden. This is by far the best I've ever seen Sir Blackstem.

Sir Blackstem-2.jpg

Sir Blackstem-3.jpg

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    • MH0466A MH0466A (Huben ) 36 E, Yellow Self, Dor Dip
      (Sir Blackstem * Boston Symphony)
      An F1 between dark scapes and white. It's neither, but throws dark scapes and melon.
      • Army of Darkness Army of Darkness (Huben 2015) 32 E 4.25, Melon Polychrome, Dor Dip Ext
        (MH0466A * From Darkness Comes Light)
        An enormous breakthrough in dark scape breeding! This first dark-scaped melon has entirely dark scapes, 4 branches and 27 buds, long branches, and a strong red stripe on sepal reverse. The flowers are not fancy, but they are a distinctively colored light melon with cream tints, yellow green throat and yellow and green veins. I've used this one very heavily in my breeding program. Rust resistant.
        • MH0965D MH0965D (Huben ) 40 EM 3, Yellow Self, Dor Dip
          (Donna Diana * Army of Darkness)
          This is what dark scapes and buds can be. One of the darkest things I've bred. Carries melon. 4 branches and 12 buds.

        • MH1074N MH1074N (Huben ) 20 EE Re 3.75, Melon Self, Dor Dip
          (MH0433P * Army of Darkness)
          An exciting seedling with 5 branches and 35 buds on very dark scapes. Some instant rebloom.

        • MH1123A MH1123A (Huben ) 32 E 3.25, Yellow Self, Dor Dip
          (Golden Sprouts * Army of Darkness)
          This one is preregistered already as 'Vader's Choice' because the scapes are so very black. It has only one fault in my opinion: the flowers are yellow. The flowers have a green throat and bronze sepal backs and open well early in the morning even in cool weather. The stiff, erect scapes are dark on all sides and have up to 5 branches and 30 buds. The foliage is dark, glossy, and low, and it is a good increaser.

        • MH1123B MH1123B (Huben ) 32 E 3, Gold Self, Dor Dip
          (Golden Sprouts * Army of Darkness)
          OWC, EMO, Dark++, 5br30bu, bronze sepal backs, stiff erect scape, GT, foliage dark, glossy, low

        • MH1124B MH1124B (Huben ) 38 E 3, Gold Self, Dor Dip
          (Little Cheese * Army of Darkness)
          5br36bu, dark scape, GT

        • MH1125F MH1125F (Huben ) 55 EM 5, Rose Bicolor, Dor Dip Noc
          (LM2 * Army of Darkness)
          erect, 7br36bu, melon base, carries dark scapes

        • MH1125G MH1125G (Huben ) 44 E 4, Yellow Self, Dor Dip Noc
          (LM2 * Army of Darkness)
          This one has tall, very dark scapes with 7 branches and 36 buds. I'd introduce it in a heartbeat except that the scapes fall in my garden. The flowers are green throated, large, bright and beautiful, if tailored. I'm breeding this to melons with erect scapes and some dark scape genetics.

        • MH1125X MH1125X (Huben ) 42 E 4.5, YellowGreen Self, Dor Dip
          (LM2 * Army of Darkness)
          Dark scapes!

        • MH1128E MH1128E (Huben ) 44 E 3.5, Melon Self, Dor Dip
          (Exalted Trumpets * Army of Darkness)
          A very pure melon, ruffled, OWC, 4br30bu, erect, stiff scape, sunfast, narrow and trumpety. Pod sterile, pollen weak, carries dark scapes.

        • Vader's Choice Vader's Choice (Huben 2017) 32 E 2.75, Yellow Self, Dor Dip
          (Golden Sprouts * Army of Darkness)
          This one was registered as 'Vader's Choice' because the scapes are so very black. I knew it would be an introduction just looking at the scapes, before the flowers had even opened. It has only two minor faults according to my tastes: the flowers are yellow and they don't recurve as much as I like. The flowers have a green throat and bronze sepal backs and open well early in the morning even in 50 degree weather. More importantly the flowers furl well into beautiful, bud-like bundles, making this plant self-grooming. The stiff, erect scapes are very dark on all sides and have up to 5 branches and 30 buds. Vader's Choice presents its distinctive, black scapes for weeks before Stella De Oro blooms, and then starts blooming shortly after Stella. The foliage is terrific: dark, glossy, and unusually low. It is a vigorous increaser. Likely rust resistant.

      • Darkness Rising Darkness Rising (Huben 2016) 54 EM 4, Yellow Self, Dor Dip
        (From Darkness Comes Light * MH0466A)
        A sulphur-yellow with a green throat, red markings on the backs of the sepals, and the best TALL dark scapes I've ever seen, with 5 branches and usually 23 buds. However, it frequently bud builds with up to 9 buds per branch, and I've seen 37 buds on some scapes. The darkness of the scapes persists longer than many other dark scape daylilies. It's a rapid increaser. The only fault is that it's yellow, instead of the white I eventually want. Darkness Rising should carry melon, meaning that you could leave the yellow behind in half the offspring in the next generation. Likely rust resistant. This is from an excellent cross that gave me 3 introductions.

      • Halloween Darkness Halloween Darkness (Huben 2016) 36 EE 4, Melon Self, Dor Dip
        (MH0466A * From Darkness Comes Light)
        My favorite garden plant among my dark scape introductions. Not quite as dark scaped or pale flowered as its sibling Army of Darkness, and not as tall as sibling Darkness Rising, but with a wonderful saturated melon color that can verges on pumpkin and a green throat. The dark scapes have 4 branches and 33 buds, and there is a strong red stripe on the sepal reverses. Halloween Darkness will add a lot of excitement to your garden because the dark scapes and the first flowers appear very early, preceding Stella De Oro. Likely rust resistant. Gorgeous and distinctive!


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