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Snowy Stella (Huben 2007) 24 E Re 3.25, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip

MH0257C = (MH0034F * Ace Up My Sleeve)
Price: $20 DF


At any northern nursery, Stella De Oro sells like hotcakes because customers are told it reblooms. The question most often heard is “Do you have it in other colors?”

At last, Stella De Oro’s rebloom is available in a near-white.

Snowy Stella is definitely a near-white, and definitely a very strong northern rebloomer. It increases very well, has an excellent stature, 16 buds on erect scapes, blooms are well presented, has a nice clump form, and pretty much all the fans rebloom. Scapes are somewhat staggered too: that prevents gaps in the bloom.

Compared to Stella De Oro, the flowers are similar in size and form. The scapes have twice as many buds, and the continual rebloom is far more certain and abundant. The plants are slightly shorter, and bloom starts a week or two later.

It has a few minor faults: it's not the whitest white (it is tinged with apricot, though it beats most recent tetraploids), the throat bleaches from green to yellow in the sun, the pistil is sometimes curly or small (as in White Lemonade), and it's only an OK pod parent: doesn't produce that many seed.

Many people have tried and failed to produce northern rebloomers in other colors. Snowy Stella (MH0257C) took 10 years, 4 generations, thousands of seedlings, the rebloom genetics of Apps, Millikan, and Sobek, and the near-white genetics of Millikan, Hansen, and Gates.

The secret to the breeding of Snowy Stella is the poor conditions for rebloom in the breeding beds. Dry, poor soil; shade and root competition from trees; crowding and low heat in a coastal zone 6. If Snowy Stella will rebloom under those conditions, it will rebloom anywhere. Its grandparent, Early And Often, has demonstrated this principle.


  • White And Nerdy White And Nerdy (Huben 2012) 28 EM Re 4.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
    MH0321A = (MH0034F * Ace Up My Sleeve)
    My best white rebloomer. Sib to Snowy Stella. A continuous rebloomer that is not yellow. Whiter than any tetraploid "white", it has a green throat good ruffling and heavy diamond dusting. 16 buds with 3 sets of scapes in my garden. Pod and pollen fertile. When crossed with other continuous rebloomers, it throws a high percentage of reblooming kids, great color clarity, high budcount, large green throats and a great deal of green in sepals as well. This one is named for my personal theme song, "Weird Al" Yankovic's "I'm Too White & Nerdy".
    Held For Increase


  • MH0913L MH0913L (Huben ) ? E ?, Pink Self, ? Dip
    (Snowy Stella * MH0320C)


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