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Stars My Destination (Michaels 2009) 48 M 3.75, Yellow Self, Dor Dip

(Corky * citrina)

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    • LM2 LM2 (Michaels )
      (Stars My Destination * Rosemary Whitacre)
      • MH1125F MH1125F (Huben ) 55 EM 5, Rose Bicolor, Dor Dip Noc
        (LM2 * Army of Darkness)
        erect, 7br36bu, melon base, carries dark scapes

      • MH1125G MH1125G (Huben ) 44 E 4, Yellow Self, Dor Dip Noc
        (LM2 * Army of Darkness)
        This one has tall, very dark scapes with 7 branches and 36 buds. I'd introduce it in a heartbeat except that the scapes fall in my garden. The flowers are green throated, large, bright and beautiful, if tailored. I'm breeding this to melons with erect scapes and some dark scape genetics.

      • MH1125X MH1125X (Huben ) 42 E 4.5, YellowGreen Self, Dor Dip
        (LM2 * Army of Darkness)
        Dark scapes!


    • Corky Corky (Fischer 1959) 34 M 3.5, Yellow Self, Dor Dip
      (sdlg * Mignon)
      • seedling
      • Mignon Mignon (Stout 1941) 40 EM Re 2.5, Yellow Self, Dor Dip Ext Noc

    • citrina

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