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  • Go to CodingBat.
  • Click "create account".
  • Fill in the information. IMPORTANT! Your name should look like: 01 Smith, Alice or 02 Smith, Alice depending on your section number.
  • Click "prefs"
  • "Share to" needs to be set to, then click Share.

When that is all done, I can see your names sorted alphabetically and by class. CodingBat will provide me with reports on what you have done.


  • Click "Warmup-1" under the Java on the main page of CodingBat.
  • To start these problems, you will need:
    • if, else
    • relational operators: >, <, >=, <=, !=
    • boolean operators: &&, ||, !, ^
    • string methods: length(), charAt(). equals(), substring()
  • Do the first row: sleepIn, monkeyTrouble, and sumDouble.
  • Tell me when you have completed the warmups.


  • CodingBat has excellent and clear help. Try it!
  • You can do all the CodingBat you want: the students who do best on the AP test tend to do all of CodingBat. The purpose of CodingBat is to give practice, and you need it to develop your skills.
  • You will be assigned CodingBat work whenever we do not have other homework. Doing it early won't hurt.
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