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Here are a bunch of tips that could help you.

  • Talk to me. Teachers are just other people, and while it may feel embarrassing if you have problems, I'm here to help. Don't put it off until later: the later you wait, the harder it will be to solve your problems. And I'm funny.
  • Get enough sleep. You will be a much better student if you are well rested. Math is hard enough without wanting to sleep. If you need advice on how to sleep more regularly, ask.
  • Do the work. Do not just depend on just your giant brain. Take notes, do the class work and home work and study for tests. You learn best when you are actively doing it. Even if you can learn this now by sitting back and just watching, in the future the work will grow harder and that will not be enough.
  • Struggle! Math is hard for most people, and often we wish to be lazy and accept the low or failing grade. Don't give up, and then suddenly the something hard will seem obvious. That's a normal "Aha!" moment. They feel good, and can become regular as long as you try. You may need to find help to get there: from friends, online, reading the text or getting a tutor. Just don't stop until you know it.
  • The best students know when they don't understand something. They are skeptical about whether they understand it, and test themselves. If they doubt they understand it, they find how to learn it.
  • If you tutor others, you will learn it forever. 35 years after high school, I still remembered all that math because I had tutored it. Sharing your learning makes you better too.
  • Use the school tutoring. See Mr. Giordano in the Schwabel center above the library to Saturday Success School and other tutoring.
  • Beware the jabberwock. Don't fall behind!

I'll add more as we go along, and I'm open to suggestions for new ideas for here.

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