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Way Up There.jpg

Way Up There (Huben 2015) 60 M 4.25, Burgundy w'White Midrib, Dor Dip Ext

MH0874M = (Arterial Blood * Pit Of Despair)
Price: $100 DF


Five feet tall! A very clear burgundy with a white midrib, black veins and a green throat. Most tall daylilies have the branches are clumped at the top: I describe that as "scape like a golf club." Not this one! 5 well-spaced branches, 20 buds and bolt erect scapes that do not fall. The flowers face outwards just below eye level for most people.

Way Up There-2.jpg

Way Up There has slightly variable form: the above picture shows a better form in the Harmon garden, but the picture's color isn't as true as the first picture.

Arterial Blood vs. Way Up There.jpg

Way Up There is much taller and somewhat darker than its parent Arterial Blood, as can be seen in the photo above. It is also not as saturated, and not as sunfast. Seedlings (look below) can be exceedingly dark and saturated, paler, more sunfast, wider or narrower, and even more clear-colored. I'm breeding with this one a lot for height, branching, budcount, clarity, and erect scapes which do not lean or fall.

This is a great parent for bringing Mahieu line breeding from Pit Of Despair into your program. It cures POD's problem of scapes leaning and falling. it would also be an excellent cross to remake, since I had fewer than 20 seedlings.



    • MH1045D MH1045D (Huben )
      (Indelible Blood * Way Up There)
      So much color saturation that it is black-red. Sunfast.

    • MH1052E MH1052E (Huben )
      (Way Up There * Rose F Kennedy)
      Excellent height and throat. Sunfast.

    • MH1053B MH1053B (Huben )
      (MH0875B * Way Up There)
      Intriguing throat and extraordinary color clarity!


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