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Wompom Song.jpg

Wompom Song (Huben 2016) 30 E 5, Melon Self, Dor Dip Bud Emo

MH0016F = (MH9808J * Early And Often)
Price: $20 DF


Named in honor the the brilliant Flanders & Swann song. Why Wompom? Because of the potential breeding versatility. It is an early, large, fertile, melon, bud building rebloom carrier with a green throat. Wompom has an extraordinary long bloom season due to strong and reliable bud building of up to 9 buds per branch in my garden, and it throws that characteristic to some of its offspring. Usually, Wompom has 4 branches and 30 buds. It's vigorous and attractive in the garden. Wompom is not registered as a rebloomer because it seldom reblooms in my home garden, but your mileage may vary.

Wompom Song1.jpg

Here's an example of a bud-building branch: you can see 3 pods and 6 unopened buds making a nice clockwise spiral.



    • MH1156D MH1156D (Huben ) 30 E 4, Melon Self, Dor Dip Bud
      (Wompom Song * Sunshine On Clouds)
      A pale melon bud builder with 3 branches, 20 buds, and excellent increase in my garden.


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