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Yearn To Be Clouds (Huben 2014) 38 EM Re 3.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip

MH0848D = (MH0219I * Ice Trumpets)
Price: $25 DF


I knew this one would be an introduction the morning it first opened. The plant and the scape and the beautiful buds hinted strongly that it would be good, but the first sight of the up-facing flowers with their distinctive uplifted petals sold me.

The flowers are intriguing in several ways. They are very strongly recurved, but the petals lift and separate above the sepals, reminiscent of Iris. This gives the up-facing flowers an interesting silhouette. They are not a very pure white, but they have a faint green sheen all over (and especially on the sepals) that I intend to strengthen in future generations. The throat is quite green. The photo below (taken in full sun, hence the yellowish appearance) shows clearly the beautiful presentation of the flowers.

Yearn To Be Clouds 2.jpg

Yearn To Be Clouds makes a really graceful clump, with up-facing flowers that seem to be pulling towards the sky. The scapes have 5 to 6 branches and 21 buds, and the instant rebloom (a pleasant surprise to me!) makes for long and abundant bloom. I intend to test it for rebloom breeding. Likely rust resistant.

Yearn To Be Clouds is a sibling to Clarity Of Purpose. When I saw Clarity Of Purpose and its other siblings, I remade the cross long to get Yearn To Be Clouds. Yearn To Be Clouds increases faster than its siblings or parents, a big plus for my nearwhite breeding.

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  • Clarity Of Purpose Clarity Of Purpose (Huben 2014) 44 E 5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip Ext
    MH0461B = (MH0219I * Ice Trumpets)
    3 to 5 branches and 15 to 25 buds. An extremely clean near-white with a green throat, white veins, good substance and heavy diamond dusting. Great foliage, increases well, and very aphid resistant. Likely rust resistant.
    $25 DF
  • Virgin Virgin (Huben 2016) 44 EM 3.75, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
    MH0461F = (MH0219I * Ice Trumpets)
    One of my favorites because of the extremely clear white color. This one really stands out in the garden for the brilliance of the white. 4 branches and 14 buds. From my tall-and-small near-white breeding. Likely rust resistant.



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