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Autumn Minaret (Stout 1951) 72 ML 4, Yellow w'Red Eye, Dor Dip Fra

(H. altissima * H. fulva)


A classic. Totally erect 6 foot tall scapes. Carries melon, apparently. Pod sterile, pollen good.



    • MH1173B MH1173B (Huben ) 50 M 4.5, Red w'White Midrib, Dor Dip
      (Indelible Blood * Autumn Minaret)
      This cross illustrates why there are no registrations from Autumn Minaret. Autumn Minaret is very late and will not set seed, so you need to save the pollen over the winter to put it on something nice. And then results don't look like much. But there are a few important things to notice: you can get excellent color clarity and green throats from your pod parent; vigor, height and 6 branches with 43 buds from Autumn Minaret. The next generation should produce some beauty with excellent plant habits.

    • MH1187D MH1187D (Huben ) 60 ML 5, Yellow Self, Dor Dip
      (Phantom Snowbird * Autumn Minaret)
      An outcross of a round, ruffled white to Autumn Minaret that combines height with 4 branches and 21 buds, great plant habits and erect scapes. It doesn't open well, but who cares: the next generation can add good opening.


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