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For many years now, my favorite dish to bring to a potluck has been enormous fruit salads. This is made with summer fruit, which are now cheap year-round. I usually start with a whole seedless watermelon, and end up with several gallons of fruit salad, enough for 20 or 30 good-sized servings. I like to make this the same day I serve it, and I keep it at room temperature so that the fruit tastes as sweet as possible. I avoid the more flavorless melons such as honeydew. I personally dislike blueberries and leave them out. Any of these listed fruit can be included or left out depending on taste, availability, price, etc.

What I normally include:

  • a seedless watermelon
  • a cantaloupe
  • a pineapple (yes, I know that's a tropical fruit)
  • strawberries
  • seedless grapes of various colors

What I usually leave out:

  • blueberries
  • other sweet melons (Sharlyn, Crenshaw, etc.)


  • Carambolla (star fruit)

This is a rather quick recipe to prepare if you know the trick to rapid cutting of melons.

  • Cut off the ends of the melon.
  • Stand it on an end, and cut off the rind around the melon. Flip it to the other end and finish the peeling.
  • Cut in half, and scoop out the seeds. (Except for watermelon, which doesn't have a seed cavity.)
  • Slice/chop/cube the melon. Done!

20 to 40 portions.

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