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In the old days, when I was a young man, before those newfangled "mice" were used, you couldn't point and click. If you were editing a paper in the early versions of Word, you needed to move through the document and select things with your keyboard. That old capability is still there, and can be much faster and easier to use than the mouse. And it might be less likely to cause Repetitive Stress Syndrome.

Exploration and discovery time!

Open up a Word document, or cut and paste this page to make your own in Word.

I'd like you to record how or where you find these answers. You can find the answers ANY WAY YOU WANT: nothing is cheating for this assignment.

You know how to use your mouse to put your insertion cursor where you want it. But can you move the cursor without the mouse?

(A) Movement ------------------ Keys -----------------
1. One character left or right.
2. One word left or right.
3. To the start or end of the line.
4. Up or down a line.
5. Up or down a paragraph.
6. To the beginning or end of a document.

After your cursor is in the right place, can you select without the mouse?

(B) Selection ------------------ Keys -----------------
1. The next character(s).
2. The next or previous word(s).
3. The entire line.
4. Succeeding or preceding lines.
5. The whole paragraph.
6. Succeeding or preceding paragraphs.
7. The whole document.

After you have selected something, without using the pulldown menu and only using the keyboard, can you:

(C) Action ------------------ Keys -----------------
1. Cut?
2. Copy?
3. Paste?

(D) Please describe (on the back) how or where you found these answers. Be honest, please. No penalties.

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