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MH0057F (Huben nr) 36 EE 4.25, Lemon Self, Dor Dip Fra Ext Emo

(Boston Symphony * H. yezoensis)



    • Ain't Yeller Ain't Yeller (Huben 2014) 36 EE Re 3.25, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip Noc
      (MH0057F * Ice Trumpets)
      5 branches and 30 buds. Opens well cool. My first triumph in extra-early near-white breeding. A creamy near-white (can't tell if it's from the yellow side or the melon side.) Even better, it throws kids that can be much earlier than itself! It can rebloom, and will be used to move rebloom lines even earlier.
      • Commence Commence (Huben 2016) 26 EE 4, Melon Polychrome, Dor Dip Noc
        (Ain't Yeller * Chill)
        My very best extra early to date. A very pale melon with a green throat that opened the first of June! 4 branches and 24 buds. Extra earlies need to open well in cool weather, and this one was flat open well before 7AM after a 55 degree night (I didn't get to check with cooler temperatures.) It has excellent substance and is rainfast, though it is not entirely sunfast. I love the wide, ruffled petals and cool melon color. There is nothing else like it during the extra early season. Vigorous, too! If you want to have a beautiful daylily that blooms with the June perennials but isn't yellow, this is the one. If you want to breed for early bloom to facilitate rebloom or to cope with short growing seasons, I highly recommend this one.

      • MH1025F MH1025F (Huben ) 30 EE 3.25, Melon Polychrome, Dor Dip
        (Ain't Yeller * LRCJO)
        A very pale melon with slender, graceful scapes! 4 branches and 24 buds. OWC.

      • MH1026.23 MH1026.23 (Huben ) 24 EE 3.75, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
        (Ain't Yeller * Chill)
        The earliest near white I've ever seen! Rainfast, opens well in cool weather. Nice green throat! 3 branches and 12 buds.


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