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If you are trying to graph something, this means you are also trying to plot at the same time but the plot won't work. Look on the Y= page to see which Plot (1, 2 or 3) is dark. If you are not trying to plot, then toggle it off.

If you are trying to plot, that message means that your table columns for that plot are empty or different sizes. Then you would use STAT, EDIT to see the columns and fix them or STAT PLOT (2nd Y=) to select the correct columns in the table.


Your calculator an only calculate numbers up to a certain size. If you try to calculate bigger, you get this message.


You have reversed bounds on the WINDOW page. ZOOM 6 will set this right.

Graphing doesn't work right!

  • On the Y= page, is the equals sign for your Yn selected?
  • On the Y= page, are any of the Plot's highlighted? Unselect them.
  • Is the graph outside of your window? Use ZOOM or WINDOW to fix it.
  • I can't get the / symbol to the left of the Yn. On TI-84, 2nd + (MEM), Reset.

Assorted other problems

Nothing on my screen!

  • Try the 2nd up arrow to darken the screen.
  • Maybe you need new batteries.
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