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Alina and I both have substantial book collections, but we haven't brought nearly enough bookshelves with us. My favorite bookshelves are folding bookshelves from Target (and quite a number of other stores) because they fold flat for transport, are not too heavy, and you can stack two of the 3-shelf units on top of each other to make a 6 shelf unit. So we found a local carpenter (Henry Andrade, only 2 blocks away) to duplicate these shelves with a few modifications and improvements.

The chief modification is that the units are larger in both dimensions: 1 meter wide and 1 meter tall. This has the advantage that the shelves can accommodate my largest books, which are 12.25" tall (31cm.) The Target shelves couldn't. The second modification is that the shelves are made of two fine, rot-resistant woods: cedro (cedar) and cannelo (cinnamon.) This results in much stronger shelves.

These first two units are stacked with plates on the inside of the frames: the next units will have a mortise and tenon system of stacking the way the Target shelves did. They will also be in the natural wood colors, rather than this lightly stained color.

Our first set of 2 new folding shelves, with Henry Andrade, the carpenter.
The shelves fold up and then the hinged sides can fold flat against them.
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