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Notebooks will be checked twice in the first term, and once a term later.

Your notebook should be a binder with three sections:

  • Class notes, in order, each day's notes with the date on the start of a new page.
  • Homework, in order, each day's homework with your name, the date and the name of any helper on the start of a new page.
  • Returned tests for the term followed by a separate sheet of paper each with the wrong problems fully worked out correctly.

Work MUST be shown in homework where the problem requires any intermediate steps. Answers alone will result in a zero if work is needed.

The notebook rubric is pretty simple.

Points Description
2 The notebook should have 3 sections. Notes, homework, returned tests.
2 Each day's notes and homework should have the date on it.
2 Each section should be sorted by date.
2 Notes (or classwork) should be substantive: 1/2 or more meaningful, legible pages per day of lecture.
2 Homework must have the work (when needed) shown: it cannot just be a series of answers..
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